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Published : March 03, 2012 | Author : Santosh
Category : Hotel Management Training | Total Views : 21872 | Rating :

International Hotelier and Trainer.


A.        Interview between Incoming and Outgoing General Manager                                 

B.         Interview with Personnel Manager                                                                        

C.        Interview with Controller/Chief Accountant                                                           

D.        Interview with Front Office Manager                                                                    

E.         Interview with Executive Housekeeper                                                                  

F.         Interview with Food and Beverage Manager                                                         

G.         Interview with Executive Chef                                                                               

H.        Interview with Sales Director/Manager                                                                 

I.          Interview with Chief Engineer                                                                               

J.          Interview with Security Chief                                                                                

K.        Interview with Purchasing Manager                                                                       

L.         Interview with Resident Manager/Executive Assistant Manager


1.  Review of owning Company matters:

a.           Hotel agreement (operating & management, or lease)

b.          Owning Company organization (who's who)

c.           Relation with Owning Company:

d.          Internal Owning Company relationship 

e.           Owning Company file (problem, how to handle same)

f.            Equity position of owners.

Are Board members management employees? 

Who has approval authority?    

g.           Capital expense budget procedure with Owning Company

h.           Rehabilitation/renovation agreement or plans in progress

i.             Board meeting timetable and previous minutes overview

j.            Review outstanding or pending Owning Company matters

k.          Trading hotel/Owning Company events and courtesies extended to Board members and Owning Co. employees

l.             Establish date for presentation of incoming GM to Board

2.         Administrative and General

a.           Organization chart

b.          Outline union agreement (effective dates, relationship)   

c.           Power of attorney        

d.          Lawyer (review pending items, give legal  update)

e.           Shop leases:

(1)  Outline each lease agreement

(2)  Review hotel/shop relationship, problems policies

(3)  Meet shop owners

f.            Outline contracts for utilities, entertainment and others   

g.           Review hotel/bank relationship, financial status

h.           Annual budget and forecasts; review and identify problem areas

i.             Marketing Plan

j.            Financial Statement      

k.          Goals/incentive plan

l.             Administrative calendar (any problem areas)

m.         Complaints and method of handling same

n.           Department Head Meetings (time, format, history)

o.          Staff Committees:

(1)  Budget

(2)  Credit

(3)  Executive - Do they meet?

(4)  Work Place Health & Safety - Are they effective?

(5)  Environment - What has been their

(6)  Cost Saving/Loss Prevention contribution? 

(7)  Staff Welfare

p.          Department training programs under way or planned

q.          Capital expenditure budget and large purchase orders outstanding

r.            Signature authorization cards for bank accounts

s.           Who is authorized to sign E N T checks in hotel?

t.            Review special festival days, holidays, promotions; history and recommendations

u.           Insurance coverage review:

(1)  Workers Compensation

(2)  Industrial Special Risks - including material damage, Consequential Loss caused by Fire, Earthquake, Subterranean Volcanic Eruption, Action of Sea/Tidal Surge etc... covering:

-         Building, Plant, Machinery, Furniture, Fixture,

    Fittings and all other contents.

-   Landscaping

-   Reinstatement cost

-   Removal of debris

 -    Accidental damage

-    Theft of property

-    Money in transit and on premise

-    Property in transit

-    Fidelity guarantee

-                     Business interruption with consequential loss of

     revenue and profit

-    Claim preparation fees

-    Additional increased cost of working

(3)  Comprehensive General and Product Liability

-         Primary layer (according to Management


-    Secondary layer

-    Bass Umbrella Cover over and above

(4)  Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown of fixed plant machinery and boilers

(5)  Electronic (EDP) including data restoration

(6)  Plate Glass doors and windows

(7)  Motors vehicles

(8)  Employees and Guests transportation

(9)  Inventories

v.           Review safe combination policy for hotel safe

w.         Review policy on GM's keys

x.           Hotel car(s) policy; who can use?  who controls?

y.           General Manager's secretary

aa.        Professional/social/fraternal memberships

bb.       Safety deposit box at local bank

cc.        Business cards, special invitations,

compliment cards

The above listed is a brief introduction to Hotel General Managers Handover Checklist.

To get a detailed Hotel General Managers Handover Checklist and other Hotel Tools, Please visit the following Link/ Website:

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