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Author : Santosh
Published on : November 07, 2011

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Since management has certain responsibilities for the safety of guests’ belongings, the proper care of keys is the very important aspect of security.
          Individual heads of department are responsible for all the keys in their area and the housekeeper probably has control of more keys than any other departmental head.  In a hotel, there is grand master, master, sub-master and individual room keys.


          It opens all doors and in addition double locks than against all other keys over the latch put on by the guests for privacy in the room – a precaution is necessary in case of an emergency, illness or injury.  It is used when access to a room to be prevented, for example, in case of death.  It is used when a guest leaves his belongings in his room and goes away for a night or two.  It is used when a guest doesn’t leave his key at reception and the room needs to be seen by the manager for some special reasons.  It is held by security in-charge, general manager, and duty manager and sometimes by the housekeeper.

          This key will open all the rooms in the house, be carried by assistant housekeepers and might be with floor service waiters while on duty and sometimes by maintenance staff.

          This key opens all the rooms in a maid section, is signed for at the start of the work, is attached to a belt around the maid’s waist and should never leave the key to anyone, is handed over back when the maid goes off duty.
          At night, the duty housekeeper checks the return of all the keys and locks them away for the night.
          It is generally written into staff terms and condition contract that the loss of any master key will lead to the dismissal of the employee.

          On being shown a room to a guest, the guest is given the key with a room no. and the name of the hotel on the tag.  Guests are asked to hand in their keys when they go out and keys are then put on a key board which should be out of view of any passer by as security precautions.  A key is not on the keyboard should indicate that guest is inside the hotel; this information can be useful in case of any emergency.  The mastering of locks is necessary but it should be realized that when locks are mastered a certain amount of security is lost and great care should be taken in the allocation of keys to responsible person emphasizing the need for utmost care in their protection and used at all times.  It may be possible to zone rooms so that all parts of the establishment should have proper keys.

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