How to answer the telephone correctly

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Author : Santosh
Published on : November 04, 2011

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        Answer within "three" rings, as more than three rings simply implies to our guests that we do not need their business or we do not want to help them.

        Smile on the telephone. It is amazing how the guest can feel the difference - and you too!

        Use the guest's name if possible, especially if the guest calls from their room and their name shows on the telephone screen. There is no excuse to miss a chance to recognize the guest.

        When necessary ask the guest, "May I place you on hold, please?" You never know who is calling and from which country the person is calling. It should be left up to the discretion of the caller to decide whether or not they want to be put on hold.

        Never ever screen calls, as this can be perceived as a very impolite gesture on your part. It could appear as though you are telling the guest that the person they are requesting does not want to speak to them.

        Eliminate call transfers whenever possible. You "own" the call and you have to provide for the guest's satisfaction. Do not pass this task on to someone else.

        In case the guest you are trying to locate cannot be found, ask if the caller would like to call back at a later stage or if you could take a message

        Adhere to voice mail standards.

You should speak with a clear voice using good intonation. Be polite at all times.

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