How to provide information regarding hotel facilities

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Author : Santosh
Published on : November 04, 2011

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·        You must know about all the events that are taking place in your hotel:

·        Special promotions, major activities, general concepts of the different restaurants, prices, timings, entertainment, room rates for the different seasons etc… Information is part of your uniform. The more you know the more professional you appear.

·        Always recommend own hotel facilities as being the best option available in town.

·        Only give out information if you are 1000% sure of your answer. Never mislead your guest as wrong information can have a disastrous effect on your individual professionalism and on the guest's image of our hotel.

·        You might not have an answer to a few details such as group rates, seasonal room rates etc… Simply acknowledge the fact and ask the guest if they will allow you to find out the correct information: "I do not know the exact answer to your question Sir/Madam, but if you allow me 10 minutes, I will make enquiries and come back to you". If the guest is calling by telephone, ask for their contact number so you can call back.

·        Some information such as figures, occupancy, and revenue is classified as confidential. We are not allowed to disclose confidential material. Displaying tactfulness, avoid giving a specific answer to the guest, for example, "How high is your occupancy rate?" Answer: "Throughout the year we run an average 90% occupancy rate".

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