Hotels Licensing and Inspection Process

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Published on : November 05, 2011

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Hotels Licensing and Inspection Process


Department of Tourism Policies 

Accommodation Categories & Definitions                                             

Frequency of Inspections/ Inspection Frequency                       

Number of Units/Rooms to be Inspected Annually                     

Areas to be Inspected                                                                        

Procedure for Carrying Out Inspections                                             

Notice of Inspection                                                                           

Inspection of Occupied Units/Rooms                                        

Code of Conduct of Hotel Inspectors,                                         

Property Manager's & Owner's  


Fire Service Guidelines         


Fire Vehicle Access                                                                          

Installation of "No Parking" Signs                                                      

Emergency Generators                                                                  

Fire Protection Signaling System                                                      




Servicing Personnel Qualifications                                           

Exit Illumination & Signs                                                         

Automatic Sprinkler System                                                    

Stand Pipes                                                                             

Fire Department Connections                                                  

Fire Pumps                                                                             

Means of Egress                                                                      

Alterations to Exits                                                                           

Exit Obstructions                                                                    

Security Devices/Burglar Bars/Security Gates                                 

Capacity Occupants                                                                 

Locking Devices                                                                      

Special Locking Devices                                                           

Signs for Special Locking Devices                                                      

Evacuation Notices                                                                  

Fire Hydrants & Wells                                                             

Extension Cords                                                                      

Fire Suspension System for Cooking Operations                       

Portable Fire Extinguishers                                                     

Commercial Kitchen Hoods                                                      

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Propane Cylinders                    

Underground Installations                                                                

Temporary out of use Containers                                                       

Out of Service Containers                                                                 

Detection Systems                                                                  

Cleaning of Detectors                                                              

Replacement of Detectors                                                                 

Good Housekeeping                                                                          

Storage Flammable & Combustible Liquids                               

Storage in Dwelling Houses & Apartments                               

Storage in Hotels, Motels, and High-Rise Buildings                  

Maximum number of Storage in Approved Storage Cabinets                

Construction of Metal Storage Cabinets                                             

Elevator and Elevator Lobbies                                                  

Smoke Control Systems                                                           

Stairway pressurizations and Exhaust System Training            

Atrium Smoke Control System Testing                                               

Definition High-Rise Buildings                                                       


Revision to Fire Protection Hand Book                                     

New Addition to Fire Protection Hand Book                              


Department of Environmental Health Guidelines      


Layout, Design, and Construction                                                 

Foods and Raw Material Receival/Storage                              

Food Preparation Areas                                                          

Dining Area                                                                            

Food Handlers                                                                         

Personal Hygiene                                                                     

Workers Health and Safety                                                      

Staff Change Room Facilities                                                   

Water Supply and Quality                                                                  

Sanitary Facilities                                                                   

Liquid Waste Disposal                                                             

Solid Waste Storage                                                                          

Building Exterior and Grounds                                                

Open Areas/Grounds                                                               

Pest Control                                                                            

Laundry Facilities                                                                   

Interior of Rooms/Apartments                                                 

Swimming Pool/Spas/Whirlpool Baths                                     

Pool Safety                                                                              

Warning Signs                                                                         

Pool Testing                                                                            

Chemical Storage/Pump Room                                                 

Requirements for Spas and Whirlpool Baths    

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