Functions of the housekeeping department

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Published on : November 06, 2011

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Functions of the housekeeping department:

A hotel housekeeping department has four main functions:

1-      1.  cleaning and maintenance

2-      2.  training of its personnel,

3-      3.  requisition and control of the necessary supplies and equipment

4-       4. Paperwork, schedules and reports.

These four principal functions are so intermingled that it is almost impossible to describe one without including the others. As we shall see, they overlap to a great degree.


Areas of responsibility:


Housekeeper is: in a hotel who does or oversees the work of keeping house except the kitchen and the related area (these are under the supervision of the steward).

The direct supervision of the housekeeping includes generally eight areas:

1., Guest rooms

2., Halls and corridors

3., Lobby

4., Public rooms and restaurants

5., Offices (hotel personnel)

6., Stairways

7., Windows

8., Stores, concessions, and other leased areas

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